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11th Nov 2013

Commander : The founders of community. Recruits, manages, and makes overall community decisions.

Brigade Commander
: The leaders of Xbox and PlayStation Executive Officers. Main role is to lead the direction of the community to be a fun, and great place for members.

Executive Officer
: The leaders of Xbox and PlayStation Battalion leaders. Main role is recruitment for new members.

Battalion Leader : Leads companies in the Xbox or PlayStation community. Main role is to work with company leaders to move and place soldiers where best fitted.

Company Leader : Maintains companies of soldiers with in between ranks. Main role is to manage platoons; either community/competition.

Platoon Leader : Leads platoon of six section leaders(two per platoon) and soldiers(3-6 per platoon).

Section Leader : Leads soldiers, direct leadership for soldiers.

Soldier : Active community member, applied and tried out for community.

: Members that just registered on community website.
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Forum » Forums » Recruitment
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